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A relatively small number of post WW2 aircraft re-used serial numbers previously allocated.  The original aircraft were long gone when this occurred, so there was no confusion within the RCAF.  To avoid my confusion, I have listed these aircraft separately.  In addition, a number of DHC Otters destined for the Tanzanian Air Force were briefly on the RCAF's books with their Tanzanian serials, which duplicated serials previously used for Bolingbrokes.

The table below will connect you to two types of listings of these aircraft.  The "Brief lists" present a minimum amount of information about as many aircraft as I can fit on a reasonably sized page.  Use these lists to identify individual aircraft, or to quickly scan a large range of serials.  The "Detailed lists" contain all the information currently in my database, and are broken into many more pages to keep the data manageable.

Brief lists
Detailed lists
brief list
206 records
updated 25 February 2007
1502 to 1531,1536 to 1548

48 records
updated 1 April 2007



1. The RCAF's postwar purchase of Expeditor Mk. 3s (Beech Model D18S) totalled 280 aircraft, which were allocated serials 1426 to 1600, and 2278 to 2382.  Most of these serials duplicated Second World War serials, and so they are listed here.  The serials that were not duplicates are found on the appropriate RCAF 4 digit serial pages.

2. After Unification a small number of these post war Expeditors were re-numbered in the 5179 to 5199 range, to prevent duplication of ex-RCN Trackers.  These aircraft are found under their CF designation, CT-128, on the post Unification page.
1549 to 1592
44 records
updated 9 June 2007

2305 to 2343

39 records
updated 25 September 2007

2344 to 2382

39 records
updated 9 December 2007

8401 to 8403
3 records
updated 27 October 2004

Canadair Dynavert
detailed list
18 records
updated 25 February 2007

9101 to 9108: de Havilland Canada Otter
9591 to 9596: Vertol H-21/H-44/CH-127
9597 to 9600: Sikorsky H-19
9850: Bristol Freighter
10000, 15501 to 15503, 15511,15512, 15555, 15521 to 15532, 16666
20 records
updated 12 January 2008

C-5 (VIP North Star), Yukon

This data has come from a variety of sources, and may contain all sorts of errors. In the future, I will add a complete list of references. For now, some recent Internet references can be found at the links below.  I would welcome any corrections or additions you may have. Contact me using the link below.

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