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Rather than write a lot of boring stuff about myself, I figured it would be easier to just throw in a bunch of boring photographs.  Then I wrote some boring words, anyway.

1967 - smart-ass base brat and nerd-in-training
Photo taken on the last Air Force Day, at a secret RCAF Station perched on the side of the Rocky Mountains.  Check out the groovy socks.  In this picture, I'm wondering how the pilot got that big old airplane up on that slope.  Big changes were on their way when this picture was taken.  Within a few weeks, I had met the Love of my Life and the future Mother of my Tax Deductions.  Within another few months, the RCAF was gone, and the Caribou was in Tanzania.
me and a Caribou

1978 - junior assistant flight test engineer (provisional)
That's me on the left, in the cool shirt.  Picture taken at Victoria International Airport (formerly RCAF Station Patricia Bay), next to the old Fairey Canada hanger.  In this picture, we are trying to find the pilot.  Photo by Randy Komko, taken from Steinar Saevdal's great web site about my all time favorite aircraft.
Me and Trigull #3, C-GATE

1988- full time flight test engineer
Road trip to Stuart, Florida, looking for warm weather in February.  In this picture I'm on the left, taking a quick nap while we wait for the pilot to show up.  To my left Terry "Doctor Copter" Kozar buttons up, while to his left Pete "Repeat" Beens does his best Ace McCool.  Are those Ray Bans?  Photo by Collin "Sparky" Pilon.
me and a BO-105-CDN-BS-4

1990 - Manager of Flight Test
In this picture I'm gracefully exiting my second favorite aircraft.  The skinny, flexible pilot was out the other door and in the bar by the time I got this far.  Picture taken by Canada's preeminent aviation journalist, Ken Schwarz, at the official roll out of the BO105LS B-1 at Fort Erie, Ontario.
me and the B1

2000 - I finally get a real job
Much to the relief of my family and my bank manager.  I'm on the left, in the tastefully coordinated safety vest and hard hat.  In this picture, I'm boring a fellow employee with outrageous tales of pilots I have worked with.  Photo taken at Kelowna, BC in the fall of 2000. Sorry, I can't remember the photographer's name.
So then I said....

2004 - I start these web pages
This is a highly stylized representation of me discovering the wonders of HTML.
strike any key....

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