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These are current links to sites with information about Canadian military aircraft. I try to keep it current, and weed out sites with questionable accuracy, but I make no claims concerning my success at this.

On-line RCAF Microfilms at Library and Archives Canada
LAC has begun to make a number of Canadian historical records available on-line, including a number of RCAF documents.  The LAC filing system is a bit of a mystery to me, and to many others, so a number of us have begun an index, with hot links to the LAC pages.  If you have any additions or corrections, please let me know.

Canadian Military Aircraft Designations, by Andreas Parsch

An excellent explanation of the Canadian Armed Forces aircraft designation system, based on a book by Jeff Rankin-Lowe and Andrew Cline: "The Aircraft of the Canadian Armed Forces". Also, look at the home page for information on other air forces.

Wings for Freedom
An excellent source of Canadian military aircraft history, with some serial number information.  Thney seem to have a new home page now.
http://www.wingsforfreedom.com/index.php  the new link
http://www.rcaf.com/  the old link still works, for now

Department of National Defense, aircraft pages
Info and pictures about current CAF aircraft, plus links to historical information.

Martin Slides
Author of THE books on Canadian military aircraft post war markings, and other great books.  Lovely pictures of military aircraft, including Canadian Armed Forces. The original page has info on the change over of the RCAF, RCN and Canadian Army fleets to CAF serials, and helped me fill in several gaps in my database.
The original page, may work for a while longer :http://mypage.direct.ca/m/martin11/
The new page, many more great photos: http://www.martinslides.com

Modeling supplies and information for a wide range of Canadian military aircraft, for the serious 1/144th modeler.  Includes very rare decals for Canadian Army aircraft - a personal favorite of mine.  Will do special orders to any scale.  The prints showing the history of the roundels used on Canadian military aircraft are true works of art, and a great source of historical information.  Cheap at twice the price!  Also a source to buy Patrick Martin's books.  Lots of info and links to other resources for all modelers.
home page: http://www.canmilair.com/

The Canadian Starfighter Association
Great source of Canadian Starfighter information.  This page helped me fill in some blanks in my pages.

US Warplanes
A new Zealand site, with great new information being added regulalry.  Features US military aircraft, many of which served with the Candian military.  This page could  be here, or on the serial number links page.

Memories of the RCAF
Mostly post war stuff, brought back a lot of memories of places I grew up.  Some of the best pictures on the web of RCAF Comets.

Ventura Memorial Flight Association
A group in Edmonton, Alberta that is restoring an ex-RCAF Ventura.  A source of several photo links on my pages.

The Canadian Aviation Museum
Formerly the National Aeronautical Collection, and a wide range of other names.  Meca for the Canadian aviation enthusiast.  Also has links to the best of the rest of Canadian aviation museums.   If you are within a few thousand kilometers of Ottawa, you should divert and drop in.  Be prepared to spend days and days...

Aviation World
If the Rockcliffe museum is Meca for hardware, this is Meca for information.  My wife only lets me go there a few times a year, and she's probably right.  Locations in Toronto and Vancouver.  Be prepared to spend and spend....

The Noorduyn Norseman History Site
An excellent source of information on this great Canadian bush plane, past and present.  The source of much of my information.

Canadian Built Lancasters
The people at the Nanton Museum have saved me from digging out information on the Canadian built Lancasters, in particular their post war service with the RCAF.  That gives me more time for all the other gaps in my web pages.

This data has come from a variety of sources, and may contain all sorts of errors. In the future, I will add a complete list of references. For now, some recent Internet references can be found at the links below.  I would welcome any corrections or additions you may have. Contact me using the link below.

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