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BK 117-A3D






first date: 1989 - First flight in NSA testbed configuration, as C-FIOM, at Fort Erie, Ontario.


Registered as D-HBCA for initial production tests at Fort Erie.  Registered as C-FIOM in 1989, used as demonstrator and training aircraft by MBB Canada.  Still used this registration for initial tests of modifications at MBB Canada Ltd., Fort Erie, by company flight crew and Honeywell Canada test engineers.  Carried Honeywell supplied nav system, and USAF supplied test equipment, in MBB Canada designed and fabricated pallets.  Leased to CAF for tests of integrated nav system for NSA (New Shipborne Aircraft).  Operated by CF pilots from the Aerospace Engineering and Test Establishment at CFB Cold Lake, and USAF test technicians, over land at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, and off the coast at Vandenberg AFB, California.  Returned to MBB Canada Limited after lease, upgraded to BK 117-A4D by 1992.  To Alc Airlift Corporation of Pitt Meadows, BC in 1993 (on lease?).  To Stars Aviation of Calgary, in EMS configuration, from 1993.  Latest Certificate of Registration issued on 4 June 2002.


last date: 1990 - Returned to MBB Canada Limited at completion of lease.

This data has come from a variety of sources, and may contain all sorts of errors. In the future, I will add a complete list of references. For now, some recent Internet references can be found at the links below.  I would welcome any corrections or additions you may have. Contact me using the link below.

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